Zonnie M. Gorman

18th Annual National Consortium on Racial and Ethnic Fairness in the Courts
Healing Our Past: Braiding Justice Across Cultures

"This presentation was an exceptional depiction of her father, Carl N. Gorman, and his journey through life.  Ms.
Gorman kept the audience of 150 lawyers and judges from across the nation captivated and hanging on her every
word.  Attendees and organizers both appreciated the rich history and cultural perspective offered by Ms. Gorman's

                      Joe Conte
                           Executive Director
                           State Bar of New Mexico

Southern Methodist University/Taos Colloquia Series

"I received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from the audience,... one of the larger crowds we've had
show for our Colloquia Series lectures.  People need to know, and you make the knowledge capitivating and
                                                                               Michael Adler
                                                                               Executive Director,

Arizona Lecture Series

"Ms. Gorman's stage presence and method of delivery kept the audience spell bound and totally interested in every
word she spoke.  Ms. Gorman is totally articulate and very professional.  We had over hundred requests for a
return presentation!"

                                                                           Thomas J. Kellenborn
                                                                           Dir. of Community School
                                                                           Apache Junction, AZ